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Sometimes, You reach a point beyond Fear

“I think, sometimes a person can be pushed so far that they reach a point beyond fear,
a place where you find a strange peace, where you free yourself to do the right thing,
because sometimes, that’s the hardest thing to do.”

– Rang De Basanti

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Go Big. Be Audacious ! Set never before considered Dreams.

“Go Big. Be Audacious. Set Giant, Disruptive and never before considered Dreams.” ~ Robin Sharma

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Be Unreasonable & Change the World

Be Unreasonable….


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Your Intuition knows Your Final Destination

“Develop & Trust Your Intuition (Your Inner Voice), That alone Knows Your Final Destination”

"Develop & Trust Your Intuition (Your Inner Voice), That alone Knows Your Final Destination"

“Develop & Trust Your Intuition (Your Inner Voice), That alone Knows Your Final Destination”

…No Greater Joy than Giving


Narayanan Krishnan is a social worker and philanthropist who is most famous for being hailed as one of the CNN Heroes of the Year in 2010. A person filled with service and compassion, Narayanan is the founder and current head of the Akshaya Trust, a non-profit organization focused on feeding the homeless, poor and mentally ill, giving them free haircuts, and providing homes so they would not need to stay on the streets.

As he says in an interview:

“I would like to ask the question that as an individual what you did. As an individual what impact have you created for society? You will see on the roadside, a BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, but on the same day you will see a homeless person. There is no bun, no burger for this person. You drive by in a Mercedes… but do you see the beggar on the sidewalk?”

The term “Be the change you want to see in the world” has become cliché for a lot of people today, but there are still some who prove that these words are true. A good example of this is Narayanan Krishnan, who for more than ten years now has been impacting the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of homeless, poor and mentally ill people in India.


STOP, READ & SHARE – You cannot eat money….

There is no other planet to live on, all we have is Earth for now….

“When all the trees are cut down,
When all the animals are dead,
When all the waters are poisoned,
When all the air is unsafe to breathe,
Only then we will discover – YOU CANNOT EAT MONEY”

#SaveEarth #SaveEnvironment #Earth #Nature #Animals #SaveTrees

Save the Planet

Save the Planet