MS Dhoni – “Born To Lead”

While Harsha Bhogle and Mark Taylor were doing commentary:
Harsha Bhogle asked Mark Taylor: “Why do you think that Cricket Australia has appointed Steve Smith the captain instead of Brad Haddin?”
Mark Taylor replied: “We saw Brad Haddin’s captaincy on the final day of the Adelaide test match. After the game was over, he came up to me and said that HE IS BADLY EXHAUSTED. As you would know Harsha, it’s not easy to be the captain and the keeper at the same time. It takes heavy toll on one’s mind and body.”
Then think about the captain who has been doing this job for India from the last 7 years!
Then think about the captain who even after doing all these duties in the most hectic format of cricket says that I AM THE CULPRIT when his team loses the match..
If Brad Haddin who was leading a country which has a population of around 2 crore people felt such pressure after just 2 sessions of captaincy, imagine what MS DHONI has to go through who has led a country with a population of over 120 CRORE people for 7 years!
Being an Indian cricketer is tough..
Being an Indian captain is tougher..

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“Born to Lead”


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