“Earth Day” it is ! WakeUp yourself & Shake others

“The most important thing that we human beings can do for our future generations is to give them the gift of a ‘safe and healthy planet Earth’ to live on….Everything else is secondary !”

This human life is a waste if we can’t protect our mother Earth from being destroyed

  • Save Fuel
  • Protect Forests
  • Protect & Respect Animals and Birds
  • Don’t Pollute your surroundings with Waste
  • Buy and use only what you really need
  • Use minimum wooden furniture and goods
  • Save Paper
  • Educate others and Spread awareness

If we can’t help keep our Mother Earth clean and healthy, then we must accept the fact that we are spoilt children and we are pretty much the destroyers of our own planet….It’s a shame !

Sorry to be so honest !


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