The Importance of a Master, Teacher, Mentor or a Guru


“Life is like a dense forest with numerous traps, wild animals and too complicated to cross. If you try to cross this forest by yourself, there is a very high chance that you might fall into some trap, lose your way or be attacked by animals and you might never make it out of the forest to reach your destination.

But if you take the help of a guide who has travelled the jungle many times and knows each and every corner of it, then you’ve nothing to worry about. You can put your Faith in the guide and he will take you safely to your destination by showing you the right track each time you lose your path.”


Such is the Guru or Master; the Guru will guide you, protect you and help you in every moment of life. He will protect you from the innumerable traps (distractions) in life and keep you on track. All you have to do is have complete faith in the Guru’s words and instructions and tell him whatever you choose to have in life, and the Guru will thus Guide you towards your destination holding your delicate fingers. He will carry you in his arms in times of difficulty and give you strength beyond measure.

“Your family, your friends and your relatives will never be with you forever but your Master will be with you in every moment and forever – in this lifetime, the next and for eternity”


The word ‘Guru’ is a Sanskrit word. ‘Gu’ means “darkness”, ‘ru’ means “removal”. So the word ‘Guru’ means the one who illumines the intelligence and removes ignorance that is obstructing the full development ol his pupils. The word ‘Guru’ also has another meaning ‘Gu’ means, “not limited by attributes” and ‘ru’ means, “not affected by appearances”. So the Guru is one who is free from prejudice and treats all pupils with equal love.

God is the Greatest Master and to have his guidance all you’ve got to do is read whichever Holy Scripture you believe in. Every holy scripture in the world conveys the same message, so it doesn’t matter which you read.



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