Who are we ?


“Are We Choiceless Human Beings born into the World by the Choice of Two Other Beings….?

Are We Baseless Beings following the Absurd, Oppresive Laws of a Society which is Destroying Itself….?

Are We Dependent Beings who Need Relationships, Organized Religion, Corrupt Governments, Baseless Education Systems, Jobs, Marriages and Children for a Life….?

Is Our Life about Collecting Temporary Toys like Cars, Houses, Property, Gadgets and Bank Balance ? Are we Such Weak, Limited Beings Living on a Ball of Rocks Revolving around a Mediocre Star in the Universe….?


Is there Something More than What merely meets the Eyes ?

Are We Infinite, Powerful Beings Connected to the Entire Cosmos and all that is. Something More Profound ? Is our Life about the Realization of some Unspeakable Truth, Something so Grand that it will Astonish our Limited Senses and Mind. Something Everlasting that’s been Teasing the Human Existence for Thousands of Years.”

Hence Arises a Question for Humanity…..

Is there anything about Life that We don’t Understand ?
The Understanding of which would possibly change everything, especially our Rotten Systems – Political, Religious, Educational, Economics, Trades, Medicine & Health and hence our Mindsets, beliefs and Attitude towards the Beautiful Life and Everything in this Universe(especially for the Life on this Planet).



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