Be a guard of the Earth – Steve Jobs

“When you pass a certain age – I don’t know what is, 25, 30 years old, you sort of as a human being inherit the responsibility of being a guard of the Earth for future generations, of which you are all a member to inherit. And, I’m not exactly sure what that means, but just obviously that’s the case. And I think our particular — this particular — generation of people that is your guardian, is doing an extremely poor job in one area, and one area where all of the help that you all can muster is really necessary. And that is that the chances that this planet is gonna remain in one piece through your natural lifetimes is not extremely high right now. And it’s fairly dismal. And I anticipate having some kids one day, and helping ‘em grow up to be sane human beings. And you people are gonna be the people that’re running the planet when my kids grow up, so would you please pay attention to this problem and try to do something about it.”

– Steve Jobs,1982



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